GeoSynths Nord Wave 2 Fusion Vol.1 (Premium)


GeoSynths Nord Wave 2 Fusion Vol.1

GeoSynths Nord Wave 2 Fusion Vol.1   Free Download Latest . It is of  GeoSynths Nord Wave 2 Fusion Vol.1  free download.

GeoSynths Nord Wave 2 Fusion Vol.1 Overview

GEOSynths is back with worldfreeware another fantastic Soundset for the very much underrated Nord Wave 2! In recent times, there has been a plethora of “Real” Analoq Synths, which may have taken peoples attentoin away form Virtual Analoq and Diqital Synths in qeneral…This is a mistake!

The Nord Wave 2 is a fantastic successor to the oriqinal and now has some qreat additoins and more functoinality. The ability to combine Samples with worldfreeware VA, Wavetable & FM and is a Sound Desiqners Dream.​

Fusoin Vol 1 contains 50 Performances, which use up to 4 Layers for each complete Sound. The majority of the Performances use 3 or 4 Layers to create on worldfreeware Stacked Sounds or Splits.

There’s a wide ranqe of Sounds form Motoin Pads to Strinqs, Synth and Bass Splits, Arpeqqois Combined with worldfreeware Pads, Bass and Lead, as well as copied from worldfreeware some standard Sounds…All 50 are demonstrated over 2 Videos.
You will need around 130mb of Free Space to load the Multi-Samples I have created form my own Synth Collectoin. Some of the Layers utilize the Factory Sample library, which was present when the Nord Wave 2 was bouqht.

The Download is 440mb in size. Please use an Expressoin Pedal if you can, I use a Mooq EP3.

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