Creator Foundry – Photoshop & Photography Mega Bundle (Premium)


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File Name Creator Foundry – Photoshop & Photography Mega Bundle
File size 165 GB
Publisher Creator Foundry
update and Published 2023

The Best Photoshop and Photography Mega Bundle, With flagship training and tools from some of the most celebrated artists and educators around, this is our best Photoshop and photography bundle ever!

What’s Included?

Over 2000 Photoshop Tools: Access a huge library of powerful tools that will allow you to create art that stands out from the crowd in seconds!
More than 75 Hours of Training: From setting up a shoot and posing to lighting, retouching, and creating Photoshop magic, get all the training you need (and more)!
Save Over 98%: Get it all for less with a huge saving on the combined cost of each product in the Creator Foundry Photoshop and Photography Mega Bundle!

What’s Exciting?

The Camera: Understand every element of your camera and break free from confusing terminology allowing your artistry to expand.
Portraiture: Learn how to create gallery-worthy photos in any situation, with any subject, using the camera you already own.
Landscape: Learn from the best in the business how to make any landscape look amazing. From planning to editing.
Posing: Master posing and feel 100% confident in posing any subject. People will be begging to be photographed by you.
Retouching: Create magazine cover quality retouching on every image and ensure your images stand out from the crowd.
Studio: Learn how to light any photo using the gear you already own to create high-budget images on any budget.
Special Effects: Learn how to add Hollywood effects to your art in seconds.
Photoshop: Discover the secrets to creating dramatic art that is truly mind-bending and believable.
Lightroom: Maximize your raw images and edit all your photos like a pro.
9 Photography Masterclasses

Go behind the lens with our artists and learn their hard-won techniques for creating dramatic, atmospheric, and artistic images. You’ll learn how to master lighting, posing, and your camera to unlock your full artistic ability.

13 Editing & Retouching Masterclasses

Gain the full power of Photoshop and Lightroom, from skin retouching to advanced compositing techniques and everything in between. Acquire the full ability to turn any idea into a masterpiece.

32 Collections of Photoshop Tools

With over 2000 high-definition and professionally curated tools, creating effects and drama has never been easier. From adding the atmosphere of mist and fog to conjuring beautiful light on your images, having every tool you need will transform your art forever.

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