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FX Prosperity Academy

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Our Mission to have a home where anyone from around the world can earn from our experience trading in the Financial Market with our Institutional-Style Trading Techniques and Smart Money Concepts to win in the market consistently and profitably. Whether you’re an experience market trader, inspiring trader, or an investor who would like to benefit from our experiences, knowledge, and skillset, we have the coaching plans, products and/or services to meet your learning and financial goals. Our core mission is to change lives “One PIP At A Time!”

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Live Trading Room Session

As an added exclusive benefits of being either a Coaching Member part of our Academy or Customer User of the EZ TripleDots FX, you’ll be invited to trade with the Pro-Trader(s) and other top coaching students to watch, learn, and follow along to “Earn While You Learn” with the Head Trainer, Pro Trader(s). This bonus is invaluable in itself.

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