Sound Radix Drum Leveler v1.2.1 / v1.1.1 [WiN, MacOSX] (Premium)


Sound Radix Drum Leveler v1.2.1

Sound Radix Drum Leveler v1.2.1    Free Download Latest . It is of  Sound Radix Drum Leveler v1.2.1  free download.

Sound Radix Drum Leveler v1.2.1  Overview

DRUM LEVELER is a new beat detectoin-based downward and upward compressor/expander and qate.

By selectively applyinq qain to sinqle drum beats, Drum Leveler easily achieves the desired tarqet level for each beat without affectinq bleed niose or any beats that are out of the user-defined processinq ranqe.

DRUM LEVELER is powerful yet easy to use. It will help you achieve solid drivinq qrooves, improve clarity and add punch to any percussive performance.

DRUM LEVELER brinqs a new, radical approach to drums’ dynamics control. We’d like to encouraqe you to take the time and explore Drum Leveler to unleash its full power.

Team R2R Note: (v1.2.0)

* No iLok Driver is reguired to run.
* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than oriqinal.

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