SoundOracle Sound Kits Cassette Drums 2 + Bonus [WAV, MiDi] (Premium)


SoundOracle Sound Kits Cassette Drums 2 + Bonus

SoundOracle Sound Kits Cassette Drums 2 + Bonus  Free Download Latest . It is of  SoundOracle Sound Kits Cassette Drums 2 + Bonus   free download.

SoundOracle Sound Kits Cassette Drums 2 + Bonus Overview

Cassette Drums 2 is an aggressive mixture of handcrafted, non recycled drums processed with the warmth and savagery of real cassette tapes (not plugins). But that’s just the beginning, because, it also comes with 3 free bonus kits.
This is our ultimate sample and MIDI collection. All of the tools are here for you to create hit records instantly

Stop struggling with sound selection because you’re perfect drums are right here. Get bounce and groove instantly by just dropping one of our midi drum patterns and some percussion loops into your project.

Stop struggling to come up with melodies and chord progressions. We provide a bunch of chart ready midi chord progressions. Launch you get the perfect chord progression, you can then use the notes to write your melody that goes perfectly with your track.


CASSETTE DRUMS 2 presents Cassette Drums 2. An aggressive mixture of kicks, snares, hats, and percussion processed with the warmth and savagery of real cassette tapes.

With this pack alone, no expense was spared in creativity. Taking old Vintage Cassette Tape Players (Ampex, Tascam, Marantz, Sony, and Fostex) and meticulously handcrafting and recording to each specific brand. My aim was to use them in “As Is” condition with no calibration. This helped create an unorthodox “Straight out of the Basement” sound, filled with harmonic gritty saturation in a league of its own.

What’s Included?
● Instant Download
● Over 170 hand crafted drums (808s, kicks, snares, hihats, percussion)
● All 808s are in the key of C
● All sounds have them processed using real cassette tapes ranging from clean to super dirty
● All sounds were processed using vintage cassette players (Tasman, Foster, and Marantz)

Drum Frames is the perfect collection of industry ready drum patterns that we’ve ever done.

Use the patterns as is, or use them as the perfect starting point to craft the drum pattern to your next hit record.

This pack is broken down into kick and snare patterns, complex high hat patterns, and simple high hat patterns.

What’s Included?
● 50 2 bar kick and snare patterns
● 50 4 bar kick and snare patterns
● 100 pitched high hat patterns
● 100 unpitched high hat patterns
● Tempo information included in each loop

Percussion loops are one of the best ways to add bounce and character to your music.

If you know anything about this site, you know we specialize in unique and otherworldly percussion loops.

Just like the drums from Cassette Drums 2, all of these percussion loops were processed using old cassette tapes.

What’s Included?
● Instant download
● 23 cassette processed percussion loops
● Tempo information included in each loop
● Every loop was professionally mixed and mastered
● Compatible with all DAWs (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Reason, and more)

This MIDI pack is focused on creating Top 40 Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop smashes.

Providing instant inspiration and endless creativity, Melody Frames is the easiest drag and drop tool for creating hits that we have ever put out.

Simply drop any of our 50 chart ready chord progressions to a midi track with an instrument of your choice, and start creating your next hit around that. It’s that simple.

What’s Included?
● 50 chart ready midi chord progressions
● Key information included in each loop

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