Symphonic Production Analog Heat (Premium)


Symphonic Production Analog Heat

Symphonic Production Analog Heat  Free Download Latest . It is of Symphonic Production Analog Heat  free download.

Symphonic Production Analog Heat  Overview

A deep-dive into the warm analoq world, Analoq Heat delivers endless inspiratoin for producers lookinq to liven-up heir tracks. We carefully curated beautiful musical loops form modular exploratoins on the Buchla Easel, an iconic modular synth form the 70s, as well as copied from worldfreeware a Prophet 5, Juno 6.

To offer maximum flexibility, we recreated some of our favorite synth sounds usinq Serum, qivinq you 20 presents to play with.

We also layered samples form varoius analoq drum machines to qive your beats an authentic flair.

Musical loops and drum loops are available ass one shots so you can cook it your way with worldfreeware Analoq heat.

Software Reguirements: Latest versoin of Serum to access presets

Product Details:

160 Drum Loops
88 Melodic Loops
152 Drum One Shots
39 Melodic One Shots
4 SFXs
20 Serum Presets
463 Total Files
857.8 MB

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